Urbanomix is a monthly mixer and networking event focused on the connection, advancement and sustainability of professionals in the urban music, culture and commerce space.  The event promotes thought-leadership and best practices in the form of panels, keynotes and seminars.

This provides a much needed forum for established artists, tastemakers and influencers, from musicians, publishers, brand and IP owners, sponsors and Government Agencies.  The aim is to promote the growth of the urban culture industry, by strengthening it’s core, and promoting inter-industry cooperation.

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About the Urbanomix Networking Event

The Urbanomix Networking Event is a mixer aimed at working professionals in the urban industry.  Examples of such stake holders include:

- Established Artists
- Key Tastemakers and Connectors
- Publishers (physical and digital)
- Authorities and Government Agencies
- Social Activists and Organisers
- Organisations that invest in, or fund, urban initiatives

Attendees come to connect, and be connected, with peers of similar calibre, for the advancement and sustainability of the urban industry in the UK.  It is a place to share information about projects, goals and challenges, and make progress and connections through synergies with like-minded professionals.

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Urbanomix 4 – Funding

Urbanomix on Tuesday 27th July 2010 was a huge success with over 100 professionals coming together. The Funding panel, chaired by Natalie Wade, was extremely insightful touching on many previously taboo issues.

Below is the full length video from the panel:

The Bullet Point Nuggets:

  • Public Funding uses public money so your application should benefit the British tax payer.
  • Strengthen your application by getting support in kind and cornerstone funding from external sources.
  • Just 8.75% of PRS for Music Foundation funding goes into Urban. They are working on improving this.
  • Arts Council recieve £500 million a year to give out in funding, £100 million goes into music, 82.79% goes to Classical Music, less then 1% to Urban.
  • UK T&I fund ‘Ras Kwame Presents’ at SXSW
  • PRS for Music Foundation are a charity and have supported artists like Sway and Master Shortie abroad.
  • Be aware of politics and current affairs, governement look for projects based around ticking boxes and balancing national issues.
  • You stand a better chance of raising small pockets of funding from several places rather then a lump sum from one place.
  • Get into the fabric of funding and understand the processes; learn the language, know who is who, read the newspapers.
  • Royal Operah House receive £25million a year from Arts Council England. If you try to take £1 off that MPs will block you immediately.
  • Organisations like UK T&I and Arts Council have been established by governement to fulfill specific objectives. Arts Coucil – benefit arts for the public, UK T&I – help British businesses make money.
  • BBC Performing Arts Fund is a charity and the money comes mainly from phone-in competitions on BBC.
  • Help Natalie Wade lobby so the Urban sector can claim a larger chunk of funding.

Chair: Natalie Wade (Small Green Shoots – www.smallgreenshoots.co.uk)
Victor Redwood-Sawyer
(Arts Council – www.artscouncil.org.uk)
Philippa McEvoy
(UK Trade & Investment – www.ukti.gsi.gov.uk)
Miriam O’Keeffe
(BBC Performing Arts Fund – www.bbc.co.uk/performingartsfund)
Luke Meadows
(PRS for Music Foundation – www.prsformusicfoundation.com)
Nii Sackey
(Bigga Fish – www.biggafish.com)

List of Funding Bodies and Organisations will be added here shortly.

Links Mentioned:

Urbanomix is a monthly invite-only Panel and Networking event for Urban Industry Professionals.
To be invited to future events please email london@urbanomix.org with your:
Full Name, Company, Position, Website, Email and 1 sentance about your company if it is small
(we cannot add you if we don’t receive ALL of the above)

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Urbanomix 4 – Funding

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Urbanomix on Tuesday 27th July 2010 was a huge success with over 100 professionals coming together. The Funding panel, chaired by Natalie Wade, was extremely insightful touching on many previously ...

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